2h30min hours drive from Royale Marlothi

Experience the adrenaline of a 68 meter freefall at 180 km/h in under 3 seconds on one of the worlds highest Cable Gorge Swings! Or fly across the gorge on a 135 metre High-wire “Foefie Slide”, 130 metres above ground zero and witness breath-taking Graskop Falls as never seen before!

The Big Swing” is situated in scenic Graskop, Mpumalanga, South Africa, nearby the small town of Sabie. Tourist attractions in close proximity of The Big Swing on the Panorama Route are the magnificent Pinnacle, God’s Window, the Berlin Falls, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, Three Rondavel’s view at the “Blyde River Canyon, Pilgrims Rest and Mac Mac Falls and Pools. The maximum weight on a tandem is 200kg but the Swing can handle this weight ten fold. There are 4 dynamic ropes each consisting of a 25 ton breaking strain and they stretch 23% of the jump. These ropes and all other equipment are inspected on a daily basis.

We run at 110% safety! Our highly trained professional team will talk you through your jump. ALWAYS listen to your instructor. 442 stairs ascending through the gorge and into the trees will take you back up to the top. Enjoy the stunning and unusual plants and bird life, as well as a few old car wrecks. To compliment the Swing, THE EDGE BAR, the multi-tiered deck on the opposite side of the gorge allows you to sit back and enjoy a drink while watching the jumpers! An abundance of African Arts and Crafts are available for the “Die Hard Shoppers” and exclusive Big Swing merchandise is also available. There is something for everyone!