Kwa Madwala Game Reserve

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Both beginner and intermediate horse trails wind through the reserve and indigenous bush passing rocky outcrops, river beds and exceptionally scenic terrain. You are likely to see antelope, giraffe, impala, zebra, waterbuck, wildebeest and sometimes herds of wild elephant and rhino.

Small groups of only six ride with the professional supervision of the dedicated team of staff whose extensive experience guarantee you a very enjoyable time. Their passion for nature, conservation and the environment, and their involvement in the management of the game reserve make for fascinating discussions and stories while you ride, and provide you with a wealth of information about the hard work required to protect the various species in the reserve.

The breed of horses you will ride are known as ‘Boereperde’ a word derived from the Dutch/Afrikaans word ‘boer’ meaning farmer and ‘perd’ meaning horse; this directly translates as ‘farmer’s horse’. They are now officially recognised as a breed having evolved from the inbreeding of various different horses over the years in South Africa. The result is a strong, intelligent, even-tempered animal with a trustworthy nature. They are hardy and reliable and used extensively on the conservancy as a utility horse for tasks such a patrolling the fences and monitoring sick animals in various different terrains. They are a very fertile breed with outstanding motherly instincts and rear their offspring easily in the bushveld.

The saddles used are the McClellan ex-military saddles which are very comfortable and light in weight with the added security of a half moon handle at the front making it difficult to fall off.

There are various trails available from meandering rambles to open canters to suit most levels of riding experience and ability.

Please note:
Suggested clothing:  Long trousers and shirts, closed shoes or boots.
There is a weight limit of 105 kg.
Children from 3 years and older are welcome if accompanied by their parents.